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A unique resource from Monte Vulture Le Fonti di Monticchio are absolutely unique in origin, properties and taste; a precious gift that the unspoilt nature of Monte Vulture has been generously yielding for thousands of years. Extraordinary geological and environmental conditions have produced high quality waters that are an inexhaustible source of well-being for the human body in all stages of its life.

Nature began working for Le Fonti di Monticchio 130,000 years ago when the volcano,“Vultur” as it was called by the ancient Romans, ceased its activity.

Here, for thousands of years, rain water has seeped through the tuffs producing two kinds of water: the Gaudianello natural sparkling water and the Leggera - water low in mineral content. Le Fonti di Monticchio water flows from

the rocks of this precious source located in the heart of Basilicata. Le Fonti di Monticchio

have exploited this environment of fertile volcanic ground and abundant sources and, today as yesterday, bring to the table the extraordinary purity of unique mineral waters.

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