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"A Templière farm, then a former relay of diligences, the Château is settled at the foot of the Rouët mountain range, a volcanic bar of red ochre, at an altitude of 560 metres, preserving the vestiges of a prehistoric environment, protected by caves. Before the revolution, the marquis of Provence was in love with his small Château du Rouët. Around 1840 the Savatier family bought the Rouët, with more than one thousand hectares of forest. This property, essentially forest, earned its incomes by the sale of the wood of pines and the harvest of cork. Martin Savatier developed and modernized the estate to its current extention.Due to his labour and love for the "Terroir", he largely contributed to the creation of the appellation Fréjus AOC. Matthieu Savatier takes the responsibility for developing the notoritie of Château du Rouët Wines both in France and abroad. Today he is in charge of the Estate and its developement.abroad. Today he is in charge of the Estate and its developement.


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