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Nestled between the Orcia and Ombrone rivers, on the southern slope of Montalcino, the Castello Banfi, family-owned vineyard estate and winery in the Brunello region of Tuscany, is unique for its wine culture and tradition. Together with its sister estates in Piedmont, Vigne Regali and Principessa Gavia, Castello Banfi has become recognized the world over for its dedication to excellence, sparking a renaissance in the art of Italian winemaking.

The history of Castello Banfi begins back in 1978 when John Mariani, son of Francesco Mariani and Ambrosia Banfi (Italian emigrants, living at the time in the USA for about 30 year), buys the estate and calls the winery after his mother`s surname, Banfi.

Nowadays, the American-owned estate has been numerously declared as an “International Winery of the Year”, “Italy’s Best Wine Estate” and is most deeply honed by its neighboring vintners, who acknowledge Banfi's role in pioneering a new era in Brunello and bringing the wine world’s attention to Montalcino.

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