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On a search for white wine excellence, we discovered O Rosal, Pontevedra in 1988, buying the small family winery 'Fernández Cervera Hermanos'. In tribute to the founders, we have always kept the name Lagar de Cervera, remembering both their surname and the centenary and traditional wine press (Lagar)  in the house and today standing the private dining room of our winery.

There, we took on the task of shaping the largest estate-owned Albariño vineyard in Rías Baixas, today 99 hectares.

Its unique microclimate allows for early ripening which, in turn, benefits the quality of Lagar de Cervera and Pazo de Seoane Rosal wines, with a perfect ratio of acidity, alcoholic strength and aromatic intensity. These are young, fresh, elegant whites that are ideal with appetizers, shellfish or fish and have a legion of followers across the world.

In 2013, we opened new, modern facilities, that feature a spectacular forest depicted on the fermentation tanks, a surprisingly unique decor that captivates visitors. Since 2021, we are the first winery in Galicia to optically select the grapes from our harvests.

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