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In 1967 Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino was established, and Castiglion del Bosco was one of its few founding members. In 2003, Castiglion del Bosco was restored to its former glory thanks to Massimo Ferragamo who, having fallen in love with the Capanna vineyard, bought the estate to fulfill his Tuscan dream. Today the wines of Castiglion del Bosco receive worldwide recognition for their excellence.

Castiglion del Bosco is located in the northwest of Montalcino, where the rocky, nutrient-poor soils are perfect for yielding wines of superb structure and complexity. The estate’s 2,000 hectares are largely occupied by dense woods of holm oak, oak, and beech, in addition to meadows, organically-farmed crops and 62 hectares of vineyard planted exclusively to Sangiovese. There are two completely distinct growing sections, each different as to aspect, soils, and weather conditions: the 20-hectare Gauggiole vineyard, just beneath the borgo, and Capanna, with 42 hectares. All vineyards at Castiglion del Bosco are 100% organic.

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